El Palenque Night Club

It Gets Wild At El Palenque Nightclub As Ladies Fight Over Samuel!

Cayetana del Junco and Leonardo MontalvoAfter Leonardo told Cayetana that he thinks Sofia is having an affair Cayetana confronts Sofia about it. Ulises gets furious when he sees Samuel at El Palenque. El Palenque Nightclub turns into a boxing match after Patricia sees Irina kissing Samuel. Patricia smacked Andrea when she insulted her calling her a slut and it became the only ladies fight. Samuel gets kidnapped by some men wearing masks that were sent by Matamoros. Cayatena receives flowers from Valverde. Take a look at the highlights of what happened in Tierra de Reyes which airs on Telemundo Monday through Friday at 9pm ET/PT on Telemundo.

Leonardo angry having a discussion about Sofia with Cayetana spills his drink on her shirt. Jessica Medina

Flavio talking to SamuelCayetena tried to take Leonardo's drink away as he was angry that Sofia was not home with him. After telling Cayetana that he believes she is having an affair he ends up throwing his drink on her chest. Leonardo tried to clean the alcohol from Cayetana's chest.

Flavio tells Samuel he needs to proceed with making Irina fall for him. Jessica Medina

Despite Arturo telling his brothers to leave the Del Junco sisters alone Flavio's plan remains. Flavio tells Samuel he must proceed with seducing Irina.

Leonardo meets with Valverde in which discuss more than just business Jessica Medina

Leonardo and Valverde meet and Leonardo confesses that things are getting out of hand with Sofia. Valverde offered his help to see if Sofia is having an affair. Valverde admits to Leonardo he has been crazy about Cayetana for a long time.

Patricia tells Samuel he needs to forget about her Jessica Medina

Patricia tells Samuel to forget about her. She fears that Matamoros will hurt Samuel.

Leonardo talking to Valverde Irina greets Samuel with a kiss Jessica Medinba

Samuel meets up with Irina as the plan will continue to try to seduce her. Irina greets him with a kiss little does he know the place she wants to go is to El Palenque.

When Sofia is confronted by her mother Cayetana she reminds her she doesn't need to explain herself Jessica Medina

Sofia tells her mother what she feels after Cayetana confronted her about not being home.

Ulises upset to see Samuel back in El Palenque even after seeing him with Irina Jessica Medina

Ulises upset to see Samuel at El Palenque and called his boys to take care of him.

Irina and Andrea get into a physical fight with Patricia over Samuel. Jessica Medina

Irina and Andrea get into a heated fight with Patricia after Irina kissed Samuel. Samuel hits one of Ulises men when they are trying to take him out of the club.

Samuel is covered by some masked men sent by Matamoros Jessica Medina

After Samuel is escorted out of El Palenque some men surrounded him with masks. They hit Samuel and covered his face and put him in a van.

Cayetana receives a delivery of flowers from Valverde Jessica Medina

Cayetana received some flowers left via messenger to Soledad. The card had no name it just said "To The Old Times" shortly after that Cayetana receives a call from Valverde asking her if she liked his gift.

Samuel with Patricia Samuel and Irina del Junco Sofia confronted by her mother Cayetana Ulises furious to see Samuel in El Palenque

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