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The Emerson club Melbourne bouncers caught bashing man on

Seven News has obtained exclusive footage of an apparent violent attack on a man outside a Melbourne club on the weekend. Photo: Supplied

Bouncers at a high-profile Melbourne venue have been caught on camera bashing a man in the early hours of Sunday morning.

An argument between a patron in a white shirt and security staff turned into a fist fight that spilled onto Commercial Rd.

CCTV footage shows violent fight. Photo: Supplied

The victim was pushed further away then dragged onto the road as bouncers kicked and punched him as he lay defenceless on the ground.

The apparently unconscious victim was then left on the road as security staff returned to the door of the hotel.

Stunned bystanders rushed to help the man.

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Fight between patron and bouncers at The Emerson escalated quickly. Photo: Supplied

It's the second heavy-handed encounter at The Emerson this month.

Just two nights earlier a patron, who apparently spat at bouncers, was slammed into a postbox and then shoved to the ground.

Emerson contracts its bouncers through Montel Security, which didn't return calls today.

Driver jailed after revenge attack on bouncers

Earlier this year, a man who drove his car into a group of people outside a nightclub after he was refused entry was imprisoned.

Disturbing video captures Christchurch bouncer putting patron to sleep in chokehold

In Christchurch, disturbing video emerged of a pair of bouncers leaving two men unconscious outside a city bar.

The video shows two men arguing, shoving and pushing bouncers before they were put into headlocks and left unconscious on the ground.

Video Disturbing video captures bouncers choke-holding patron, knocks-out another.

Man bashed and stabbed by bouncers

In April, up to ten bouncers faced serious assault charges after a knife wielding patron was chased, violently bashed and stabbed with his own knife.

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  • Liam Jungarrayi Jurrah (born 22 September 1988) is a professional Australian rules footballer currently playing with the Melbourne Football Club.
    Jurrah is also known as Jungarrayi an initiated member of the Warlpiri people, who are based in Yuendumu, a small and...

  • Donni 1 (born 1 July 1969) is an Australian club and radio DJ, record producer, and entertainment director. He is known as one of the co-founders of Melbourne's famed Freakazoid dance parties and for being the resident DJ and entertainment director at Bali's world...

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