Night clubs open on Sundays

Colombia Nightlife – Bars, Discotecas, Dating Tips

A singer performs inside Prizma, a popular reggaeton club in Medellin.Every big city features a host of theaters for inexpensive music and dance performances. And the rural pueblos in Colombia offer the opportunity to escape the noise and relax in the country.

Colombia Nightlife – How to Party in Colombia

Every Colombian city features a Zona Rosa, or main nightlife district, where you’ll find the highest density of bars, discotecas (clubs), and restaurants. In Medellin, it’s Parque Lleras.

In Cali, it’s La Sexta. The more popular pueblos, such as Guatape and Jardin, can have a surprisingly lively bar scenes, usually focused around the main plaza.

When to Go Out

Colombia nightlife is pretty quiet Sunday through Wednesday, unless you know the right places to go to (ask the locals). Otherwise, Wednesday and Thursdays offer ladies night at certain discotecas, which can help bring out the locals.

Friday nights are popular, however Saturday nights are the busiest nights of the week.

Arrive early (before 11 PM) to get a good table at discotecas on the weekends, and avoid any lines at the popular places.

Closing times vary by location, however most regular bars close by 2 AM, while discotecas stay open until 4 AM, with some late, late night venues in big cities staying open until dawn.

What to Wear

Dress codes apply to a very small minority of high-end clubs in the big cities. 99% of the time you won’t need to worry about dressing up for a night of partying.

For both men and women, jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers are fine. Colombian women take great care in their appearance, and tend to dress up more then the men.

Crossover Clubs

The majority of bars and discotecas in Colombia play what’s known as “crossover” music. This simply means the DJ’s mix up the popular genres of Latin music, including: salsa, merengue, vallenato, reggaeton, bachata, and cumbia.

This can be a little confusing if you’re not already familiar with Latin music, however the variety is appreciated by most Colombians (versus going to an all-reggaeton or all-salsa club).

Social Dynamics

Most Colombians go out partying in groups mixed with friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, and family. It’s not unusual to see girls out partying with their sisters, cousins, aunts and moms.

At the start of the night (9 – 11 PM), everyone will be inside the bar or discoteca drinking and talking within their social groups. As more alcohol is consumed, and the venue fills up, there’s a tipping point where more and more people start getting up to dance.

If you get to a club early, don’t be surprised if you just see everyone sitting around. Give it time, and an hour or two later the girls may be dancing on the tables and chairs without abandon.

As a result of the group dynamic, it can be hard for travelers to meet Colombians at bars and clubs. The best approach is to be friendly and straightforward. The guys should ask a girl to dance, or start a casual conversation.

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  • avatar Night clubs open on Sunday in Manahttan? | Yahoo Answers
    • New York never sleeps. There are no laws preventing Night Clubs from opening on Sunday, many have regular hours.

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