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Dinner Club night – Colombian Restaurant!

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Dinner club night is one of the favourite activities for EC students.
It is a great opportunity to improve English and socialise with students from all over the world.
Last week our Student Ambassadors Gustavo and Gabriel from Colombia suggested to try the delicious Colombian food.

We had a big number of students signing up, we were 35!!! The Colombian restaurant was not very big and clients were almost all from EC.

The menu was quite long and it was a bit difficult to choose what to order, everything looked so yummi. Some students decided to try the famous “Bandeja paisa” which is the typical meal of Colombian cuisine, especially of the Antioquia department and the Paisa Region.

english language classes in londonThe “Bandeja paisa” is a rich main with red beans, white rice, ground meat, pried pork belly, fried eggs, fried plantains, chorizo, arepa and avocado. It could be perfect to share with a friend since it is quite filling! Paella with seafood, Chuleta de pollo (chicken escalope), Sobrebarriga en salsa (Beef in tomato Sauce) and Fajitas were very popular among the students.

Our Student Ambassadors also recommended Empanadas, Yuka frita (fried yuka), Platano Maduro con queso (plantain with cheese) and Patacones (deep fried green plantain) as perfect starter all accompanied by fresh fruit juices.
Students were really happy with the meal and had the chance to practise their English and meet new friends. EC London gives you the opportunity to learn English not only at school but also outside.

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