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Things to Do in Chicago on a Sunday NightChicago at night Photo Credit

Chicago locals work hard and play hard. Weekends don’t end until Sunday night is over. Although many big Chicago attractions like museums are closed on Sunday nights, the city still offers plenty of options for those looking for activity on a Sunday in the Windy City. On a Sunday night you can find ways to get in a good workout or take in some people watching while walking, jogging, cycling or skating in the downtown area.

Chicago is a multi-cultural city with dance and music clubs for all tastes and ages: rock, traditional new wave, new school punk and post punk, salsa, reggae, blues, hip hop, gay, straight or mixed. There are dance clubs in several clusters downtown and in the surrounding neighborhoods, but some outlying neighborhoods are home to smaller clubs with local acts and DJs. Some long lasting club names in the city are the Beaumont, Kingston Mines, Berlin and Smart Bar.

Just south of downtown Chicago is the Museum Campus, just one section of the city’s lakefront playground. In this area you will find the iconic architecture of Field Museum, Soldier Field and the Adler Planetarium. For a good jog or walk, take the path around the buildings, then head east on the path toward the Shedd Aquarium. This last stretch will take you off the main path and right along the shore of Lake Michigan. You can go pas the aquarium and look back at the city skyline as the night lights come up. It’s one of the best places to catch some snapshots of the skyline from the south side of the city.

Chicago’s news park is a hybrid, combining a green getaway right at the foot of city skyscrapers, an entertainment center and recreation area for families. You can find walking and jogging paths in the park, a band shell frequently offering a wide variety of free concerts and two large, popular sculptures. The Cloud Gate, nicknamed “the Bean” is a magnet for photographers. The Crown Fountain is a favorite with children who love to splash in the water coming off of two large glass towers that run video loops of friendly faces. The park includes an outdoor skating rink in the winter and a restaurant.

Chicago’s Navy Pier is a multi-purpose attraction. You can take it easy and walk around the perimeter of the complex, taking in the people watching on the pier, the boats in Lake Michigan or the city lights behind you. You can rent skates and skate around the pier and the nearby lakefront path. Navy Pier also offers a replica of the world’s first Ferris wheel and several other carnival rides, live theaters, an IMAX and several eating and drinking establishments. Sunday night hours fluctuate with the seasons, so check to see how late the pier is open on the Sunday you want to visit it.

During the day the most popular stretch of Chicago lakefront is the stretch from downtown north to Lincoln Park. At night the beachgoers have moved on and the lakefront path accommodates athletes looking to pick up some speed. The bike path is well lit through the stretch from downtown up to Lincoln Park. There are frequent water fountains for rest stops and still plenty of people watching even though crowds have thinned. All Chicago Park District parks close at 11 p.m.

Interesting facts

  • The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art is an association of representational artists, founded in Chicago in 1895. Palette & Chisel is the second oldest artist organization in the United States.
    As the Inland Printer reported in June 1896:
    An association of...

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