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R&B star pulls out of DSTRKT appearance amid racism row

  1. ITV Report

American R&B artist Omarion withdrew from a scheduled appearance at London's DSTRKT club last night, just days after the venue was accused of operating a racist door policy.

Credit: @1Omarion / Twitter

He made the announcement on Twitter, just hours before he was due to perform at the popular West End nightclub.

Hundreds of fans took to the social media site to praise his decision. One said: "Thank you for not turning a blind eye to their racism!"

.The club has come under increasing pressure in recent days, following because their skin colour was "too dark".

It prompted a social media campaign against the venue and protests outside the club during the week.

Credit: ITV News

DSTRKT initially refused to respond to the claims, but eventually released a statement rejecting suggestions it operated a racist or sexist door policy.

DSTRKT has never operated any sexual or racial, discriminatory door policy. Its management and staff abhor all forms of racial and sexual discrimination. What DSTRKT does practice is a balanced environment.

– DSTRKT statement

London-born former NFL player, Osi Umenyiora, was also due to host an event at DSTRKT nightclub on Friday, but pulled out over the race row.

@stormzy1 @dstrktlondon yes I got the memo, and of course I DID NOT ATTEND. There is no room in our society for that nonsense.

Osi Umenyiora Credit: Twitter / @OsiUmenyiora
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