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Things to Do on a Monday in London

Explore London's attractions such as the London Eye on a Monday to experience shorter lines.Explore London's attractions such as the London Eye on a Monday to experience shorter lines. (Photo: Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images )

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London, England, has many historic sights and cultural attractions to enjoy during the day, and its vibrant nightlife scene keeps visitors entertained after hours. The city is also a very popular tourist destination; weekends can see many places overrun by crowds of visitors. Mondays can be quieter at many tourist attractions, while bars, restaurants, theaters and clubs try to tempt both tourists and locals with special offers.


Monday is a good day to visit some of London's major tourist attractions. The weekend visitors have headed home, and you will find shorter lines and less congestion at popular sights such as the Tower of London and the London Eye, as well as at the major museums and galleries. The Royal Opera House ( has free recitals on Monday lunchtimes, and the Courtald Gallery ( offers free admission until 2 p.m. on Monday.

Theater Discounts

London's theaters often offer the best discounts on Monday nights. The West End theaters hosts shows that range from family classics like "The Wizard of Oz" to musicals such as "Mamma Mia!" and more serious dramatic productions. Theater discount websites provide cheap midweek deals, many of which can be combined with hotel stays or discounted meals in theaterland restaurants. Alternatively, visit theaters in person early on Monday and ask about the best rates.

Wining and Dining

Wining and dining can be cheaper than usual in London on a Monday night, and, like the tourist attractions, bars and restaurants, are a little quieter. Many restaurants offer Monday night deals such as a free starter, two courses for a set price, pre-theater discounts or free bottles of wine. Individual restaurants may advertise at the door or in the local press, while websites such as Sugarvine ( list current offers. Night owls will find a range of club nights across the city on Mondays, and many clubs, such as Moonlighting ( in Soho, offer drink promotions and cheap entry.

Comedy Clubs

Comedy clubs provide a Monday evening's entertainment at a reasonable price. The Monday Club at the Tattershall Castle (, a boat moored opposite the London Eye, provides stand-up acts with a bar and nightclub open until 3 a.m. In central London, the Soho Comedy Club ( puts on new acts and grassroots comedy every Monday.

Interesting facts

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    Igiehon grew up in London and studied Pop Music Studies at the University of Leeds and graduated...
  • The End was a nightclub in the West End of London, England. Started in December 1995 by DJs Layo Paskin and Mr C, The End was world-renowned. It was also responsible for the label End Recordings.
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  • avatar Where can we find a REALLY busy bar or club on a Monday night in London? | Yahoo Answers
    • Heaven under the arches in Villier street near Embankment Tube.... its packed... a mixed straight and gay crowd... 3 different rooms of music, cheesy pop / house and R&B.... drinks are 2 for the price of one with different drinks promotions each night
      its a great club.... with world famous DJ'S and some great performances..... i have seen Madonna, Cher, Amy Winehouse and the Klaxons all perform there

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