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On this page we have included some of London`s best nightclubs.

Cable Club - The arches underneath London Bridge have a long and illustrious history, and have been used as dance halls since the war. From the early days of Acid House to the present day, the venues under London Bridge have been a bastion of the underground scene. Cable has been designed to give the best possible experience within the space.Sightseeing map Three rooms comprising two arenas, three bars and a chill out gallery, give the club a capacity of a thousand people. Yet the whole venue has a feeling of intimacy, unusual for arches with 35 feet high ceilings. The rawness and beauty of the space has in no way been compromised by the design, as so often seen with railway arch development. It is truly a celebration of our industrial heritage. Bermondsey St Tunnel, London, SE13JW. Tel: 0207 403 7730.

Canvas - Dust off your leg warmers and squeeze into a pair or hotpants because roller discos are back with a knee-grazing vengeance. Four years into his weekly floor-fillers and boss Tony Askew is taken aback about how popular the world’s most ludicrous form of transport has become. Just add a staggering...

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  • The Speakeasy Club, 48 Margaret Street, London, England, was a late-night haunt for the music industry from 1966 to the late 1970s. The club was first managed Roy Flynn, who became the manager of Yes. Tony Howard then became manager, having previously been the main...

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