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Swing Dancing, Salsa Dancing.  Who we are.. A brief history.


Swing Dancing, Salsa Dancing. Who we are.. A brief history.

Since 1999 the Carolina Dance Club (CDC) has been promoting the wonderful diversity and passion of Swing, Salsa and partner dancing here in the Triangle, NC area. We strongly believe in making social dance affordable and accessible to everyone and work to bring the highest quality of dance instruction and music enjoyment to our community.

Our club began 17 years ago hosting a monthly Swing dance with 30 or 40 passionate, devoted dancers. Today our club numbers 300+ members and is celebrating 11 years of weekly dancing and and dancing at the beautiful Raleigh Elks Lodge. On any giving Sunday 120 to 160 dancers of all ages will be swinging, dancing and making new friendships and connections with people from across the Triangle/Triad area. All dance activities are smoke free and open to the public.

Fostering and promoting outreach within our local dance community has been an important goal of our club. We do this by co-sponsoring dance events with local dance instructors, that share a common purpose – bringing the joy of social dance to people of all ages and backgrounds. We support non-profit organizations like the (Pediatric Brain Tumor) with fundraising initiatives at our Sunday Elks Lodge dances. If you are a non-profit and would like our support,

This philosophy of inclusion and a sense of giving back to the community we live and dance in has guided our club activities and has helped us build our dance club into a friendly, active and growing organization. We invite you to come out and dance with us, enjoy friendly people, share your talents and your passion for social dancing every Sunday afternoon and evening.

Our Sunday Swing Dance:

For the past 11 years our club has hosted a very popular weekly Over time this Sunday dance has evolved into an afternoon and evening dance destination for both the beginner and experienced dancer. Our dancers come from the Triangle and Triad, NC areas and on any given Sunday you will see 120 -160 dancers out on the floor sharing the passion of partner dancing.

Sunday Evening Swing Dance Music Format:

Our award-winning club & guest DJ’s play great Swing music.

Our music format reflects the diversity of our Sunday Swing dancers. Each Sunday we feature two Swing music sets that begin right after the free 6:15 pm Beginner East Coast Swing Lesson.

The “Early Set” (7-8:45 pm) features classic 1930, 40’s Big Band, Swinging Jazz, 50-60’s Rock n’Roll Swing, Rockabilly, and Jump Blues for our Lindy, Balboa & East Coast Swing “jitterbug” style Swing dancers. We will throw in a Country 2-Step and some slow, sexy blues songs in this first set.

The “Late Set” (8:45-10 pm) features Top 40, R&B, Blues, Hip Hop for the West Coast Swing dancers. Our regular club DJ Wesley Boz and invited guest DJ’s play the best in the new contemporary and classic swing music. During this set we will include some Night Club 2-step and Hustle music requests. It’s all good, it’s all swing!

1st time attendees: What you can expect at the dances:

We welcome, love and support new dancers. No partner is necessary to join us, we are very newcomer friendly. Come in comfortable, casual dress attire with shoes that give you support and you can turn and spin in (leather soles are best). Prior to the start of each evening Swing dance we present a fun and informative *free (introductory) Beginners East Coast Swing dance lesson at 6:15 pm. If you attend the or 2nd & 4th Afternoon Salsa dances a 3:30 pm *free Beginners Salsa or Ballroom Lesson is provided. *Introductory Beginner lessons are free with your paid admission. One admission price gets you both the afternoon and evening Beginner lessons and social dancing!

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