What does the nightclub security pay attention to?

As the face controllers admit, the ideal visitors to the club are tall, slender, well-groomed girls, sexually dressed. In addition, even in those clubs where only youth hangs out, and wealthy middle-aged clients rarely go in, visitors will not be allowed in sneakers and sweatpants.

Those people who do not pass face control are asked to leave immediately. However, if you were treated rudely and security used force, you can call Abogados de familia viña del mar.

Remember the types that are not allowed to get in:

  • young people;
  • drunk;
  • untidily dressed;
  • in sportswear and shoes.

All other reasons (“you are not in a party format”, “you cannot wear a long skirt”, “the dress is too closed”, etc.) can be tried to be challenged by asking the administration representative to call for an explanation.

Do not be rude to the guard on face control, do not ask to let go.

Image by Andi Graf from Pixabay

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