Tuesday Night Book Club

Tuesday Night Book ClubNetwork: CBS
Episodes: Eight but only two aired (hour)
Seasons: One

Performers include: Charlotte Bell, Kendra Cannoy, David Eveler, Paige King, Jaime Shaps, and James Ray.

TV show description:
A candid reality show, centering around the lives of a group of upper-class women in a suburb of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Though they met under the guise of a book of the week meeting/discussion, the books were discussed only briefly as most of the group didn’t actually do the reading. Episodes chronicle the day-to-day drama of their lives as they attempt to raise their kids, maintain their households, and satisfy their husbands.

The group was slated to discuss all aspects of life, including sex and inner conflicts and feelings.

Series Finale:
Episode two – Chapter Two, How Long Have You been Having an… Affair?
Lynn is not only strenuously training for a bodybuilding competition in California but must struggle with whether or not to tell her husband, Eddie, that her ex-boyfriend will also be attending the event. Tina’s kids have given her a “C” for her performance as a mother, so she attempts to better balance her work, personal and home lives. Sara is ready to finally start her fashion business, but has second thoughts when she realizes what kind of sacrifices she’ll have to make to get it off ground. Jamie admits that she’s been cheating on her husband for the last year and a half, but has to decide if she can finally come clean and leave him.

The following were issued by the network prior to the series cancellation. The episodes were not aired.
Episode three – Chapter Three, I Say If You Find a Good Man, Keep Him
Lynn battles her fellow book club friend, Jenn, in the California fitness competition. Meanwhile, Lynn’s ex-boyfriend shows up to surprise her, leaving her husband, Eddie, less than happy. Back in Scottsdale, Jamie shocks her parents with the news that she is no longer living with her husband. In the meantime, Tina steps into the dating scene, while Sara spices things up with a racy birthday party.

Episode four – Chapter Four, The Things We Do for Men
For the first time, Jamie is living on her own, with no husband, no rules and a new apartment. She’s also celebrating something else in her life — her new salon — and is planning a party to kick off its opening. Meanwhile, Cris questions her husband’s dedication to their family when he has trouble focusing on finding a new career. Kirin tries her hand at something she loves and finds that she’s good at more than just being her family’s housekeeper. Lynn’s realizes that she’s been living a lie and is ready to come clean to Eddie, while Sara begins to recognize that starting her own clothing business will require sacrifices she’s not ready to make.

What happened next?
The series was pulled after only two episodes aired. A return is highly unlikely.

Behind the Scenes

Fewer that five million people watched the series debut and only four million returned for the second episode. This prompted CBS to pull the series. Eight episodes were reportedly produced but only two aired.
Following the series cancellation, The Arizona Republic newspaper revealed that some of the show’s elements were not as “reality-based as they seemed. Some book club members did not live in Scottsdale, actors were recruited and the house used in the meetings was actually rented by the show’s production company.
After the cancellation, Lynn (the Newlywed) Carahaly said, “The high-quality production was so polished that I believe viewers could not connect with us as real characters.” She said that she only knew three of women in the group and that the show combined two social groups.

Interesting facts

  • Tuesday Night Book Club is a candid reality show that began airing June 13, 2006 on CBS, which delved into the lives of a group of upper-class women in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale. It was meant to play as a reality-based version of Desperate Housewives ,and the...

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