Best night Clubs in Portland

Portland's 5 best strip clubs

casa diablo vegan strip clubGet out of the office and hit up the strip club this weekend.

So, with that being said, when you have that many choices, how can you choose where to go? After all, you can’t go to all of ‘em tonight!

4 of 5 stars, 28 reviews

From the website: Club 205 offers a great selection of young nude strippers on 3 stages. Our friendly staff and sensual entertainers will make your trip to our strip club an experience you will not forget. Club 205 adult club offers a full bar, affordable food, private lap dancers, video poker & sexy young strippers.

From Yelp: As a female it’s hard to impress me as a stripper. Yeah you have boobs, they look nice, but what else? These strippers are full of character. I didn’t catch their names but there are a few that I got excited to see them walk up to our stage. Some that can really put on a show and others that are funny as hell. – Crystal G.

4 of 5 stars, 71 reviews

From the website: We’re different! Casa Diablo is the place to party with a laid back atmosphere. Our girls will capture and tantalize your senses.

From Yelp: Girls are pretty hot. If you’re going to go you might as well be looking at attractive girls right? A lot of them have tattoos but really nice artistic ones. I wanted to ask a lot of them who their tattoo artists were. Also they had the pin-up girls as well as the more rocker looking girls, what’s not to like? – Mui K.

4 of 5 stars, 22 reviews

From the website: The Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club is a premier destination venue for every type of occasion and every demographic. With an innovative martini and cocktail list of more than 200 offerings, upscale contemporary cuisine, entertainment by the world famous Kit Kat Divas and sleek “South Beach meets Hollywood” inspired decor, Kit Kat is truly a world-class entertainment hotspot.

From Yelp: The most unique thing about the Kit Kat Club, by Portland standards anyhow, was the presence of a heavily tattooed little pixie of a dancer with the body of an Olympic gymnast who, as part of her floor routine, picked up a box of Marlboro Reds with her toes, opened it, pulled out a cigarette, stuck it in her mouth -all with her toes!! -then, again with the feet, picked up a Bic lighter, lit it, and continued to puff on it while doing her show. – John N.

kit kat lounge and supper club4 of 5 stars, 57 reviews

From the website: Visualized over the course of six months with an image of the Playboy Club in the 1960s in mind, there are several things that make the Lucky Devil a different kind of strip club in Portland, a city that claims to have “the most strip clubs per capita of any city in the country”: The luxurious red velvet wallpaper; The amazing interior gas fireplace; The copper plated bar and tables; The lavish puma print carpet; The non-smoking policy (Portland’s first strip club to go non-smoking despite other’s claims); The large, covered, convenient and warm patio with another gas fireplace for smokers…

From Yelp: One of my top 5 favorite clubs in Portland. It’s got a good atmosphere, the girls are sexy and friendly, and it’s dark and gothic inside…something this writer loves. Drinks are stiff, never a cover, and their Mac n Cheese was featured in Bon Appetit. Sometimes I wish the stable was a bit deeper, but then I like to go there on off hours to avoid the douchebags. – Allen D.

4.5 of 5 stars, 132 reviews

From the website: At Portland’s rock ‘n’ roll strip club, pints of Pabst are $2.00 and IPA and micro drafts are $4.00 and under, while Jack-and-cokes run $6. Tall tables, bar stools and standers are clothed in red and lit with oil lamps, and red carpeting covers the floor. Spot lighting glows Lucifer red. Sexy strippers grace the chain-suspended stage while eager patrons enjoy the views.

From Yelp: The six dancers that night were very entertaining and skilled at the pole. They wore a variety of footwear (ballet flats, tennis shoes, bare feet, heels). They were attractive, fit, and had great stage presence. I’m not sure where they do lap dances, as the dancers seemed to disappear after their set and not really hustle people for dances. – Jas. L

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