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How It Works
  • Before each race your guests queue to buy their flutters from the Tote Sellers. There is no limit to the number of tickets that may be purchased.
  • Once the tote is closed, a DVD is then selected at random by a guest and the race is played.
  • After the race, the money collected from the race is split between the fund raiser and the winners.
Tote Examples

In the following example a 50% payout is used, with tote tickets sold at £1.00 each.

Runner 1 sells 10 tickets = £10.00
Runner 2 sells 8 tickets = £8.00
Runner 3 sells 16 tickets = £16.00
Runner 4 sells 4 tickets = £4.00
Runner 5 sells 15 tickets = £15.00
Runner 6 sells 16 tickets = £16.00
Runner 7 sells 20 tickets = £20.00
Runner 8 sells 15 tickets = £15.00

The Total of £104.00 is split 50/50.
The fund-raiser will take £52.00 and the winning ticket holders will share the remaining £52.00.

If Runner 4 wins, then the remaining £52.00 split between the 4 winning ticket holders, which is £13.00 each.
If you use the tote computer all the computations will be done for you.

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